May 2018 Art Show: Bucket List


(“We Made You From Germs in the Dirt of Nothing” by Natalie Strong)


Hello All! It’s that time again. The 2018 Spring Art show, themed “Bucket List,” is quickly approaching. Due to scheduling issues with the library, our show will begin the SECOND weekend in May. The schedule will be as follows:

Art Drop Off: Thursday, May 10th, 5-7pm
Judging: Friday, May 11th
Art Hang: Saturday, May 12th, 8am
Reception: Saturday, May 12th, 2pm

Forms are updated and available on the Forms and Resources tab.

We will once again be collecting membership dues of $15 per member.  Please fill out the membership form and bring your payment (cash or check) to art the art turn-in on May 10th.

Each artist may bring two pieces to the show, only one of which may be entered in the theme category. To be clear, neither needs to be entered in the theme category, but you can’t enter both of your pieces in the theme category.

Our judge for this show will be Sally Martin from Studio Antiques and Vice Chairperson of the El Segundo Arts and Culture Council.

I am introducing a Members Choice Award this year, which you will vote on at the reception. As we usually have just a single judge, I thought it would be nice to honor the works that are favored by the membership as well.

Along similar lines, for the first time there will also be a People’s Choice Award to be voted on by visitors to the library over the course of the show.  The public will get to vote throughout the show and I will announce the winner by email, etc, at the end of the show.

If anyone has any shows coming up, please let me know.  I am collecting a list of events to publicize at the reception.   I may have a way to spread the word to a wider audience… more on that later as well…

Let me know if you have any questions.
I’ll be in touch soon.



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